Micro-Sluice 1

Micro-Sluice 1

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The Micro-Sluice 1 is easy to backpack and ATV friendly with the new high impact flat back bucket. Weighing 13 lbs. and 17" long, the Micro-Sluice 1 processes dry or wet concentrates at the rate of 2-5 gallons per hour and retains 98% of all visible gold. A high efficiency 500 GPH pump using only 1.5 amps x 12 VDC, allows 20-30 hours of operation on a car battery. With a motorcycle battery, there is 2-5 hours of run time.

 The Micro-Sluice 1 is ideal for dry or desert use as a wet recycle unit. Up to l/4 cu. yd. of material can be processed with only 5-10 gallons of water via use of the exclusive "Tailings Filter Bag." Note that the recycled water can remain clear.  An integral 1quart feed hopper features a unique wash down system that automatically regulates the rate of the material being classified. The built-in angle indicator guarantees correct angle of the sluice. The "Tailings Filter Bag" ensures no lost gold, as tailings can be run again to check for proper operation.


The Micro-Sluice 1 will reduce up to 5 gallons of material into only 1-2 tablespoons of "superconcentrates" that reduces the final pan clean-up to about 5 minutes. The Micro-Sluice 1 is the single most important tool for the prospector since the gold pan!Increased flake and micro-gold recovery are now available with the addition of the HFBE Vibrator which eliminates the bottom layer of black sand from "packing down".  The HFBE Vibrator allows water to mix with the black sand particles allowing gold to sink down via "Fluidized Bed Entrapment".The Micro-Sluice 1 is a superior gold recovery machine in terms of accuracy, speed & value when compared with much slower or higher priced products.

Reliability is a hallmark of all products made by Micro-Sluice Gold Products. 

Over 3,900 Micro-Sluice units have been sold in 16 countries over the last seventeen years!

Standard Unit Includes:

-Float pump kit
-Hose adapter
-Filter bag

(Shipping + tax not included)